High magnesium dolomite to supplement livestock feed

DOLO-FEED® Overview

Dolomite is a key ingredient for adding calcium carbonates and magnesium to livestock minerals. Dillon’s DOLO-FEED is a high magnesium mineral ideal for livestock blends and pre-mix providing important nutrients to all livestock. DOLO-FEED tends to increase the animals’ absorption of calcium, magnesium, and potassium, resulting in improved digestion and promoting weight gain.

It is most commonly sold as a granular minus #12 mesh material, but can be provided as a powder. Feed manufacturers use DOLO-FEED as mineral additives in their feed products.


  • Contains very low silica, reducing harmful silica dust
  • Very pure dolomite with high magnesium content
  • Consistent chemistry
  • Customizable gradation for multiple applications
  • No heavy metals
  • Readily available

Technical Specifications


Delivered by bulk pneumatic tanker or available in super sacks.

Sales Contacts

David Ross

Industrial/Agriculture Sales Manager
C: 276-608-3040

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
P: 276-701-0015