Specially selected landscaping stones for optimal stacking and centuries-old appearance 

DOLO-SCAPE® Overview

Dillon offers a unique blend of landscaping stones from its quarry called DOLO-SCAPE. These flat stones are carefully selected and sorted into three-sizes for optimal stacking with powered equipment such as excavators or skid steers.

DOLO-SCAPE can be used for retaining walls, stand-alone decorative pieces or outdoor living areas. Having an aesthetically pleasing blend of blues, grays, browns and whites, DOLO-SCAPE instantly brings an old-world appeal to your project. DOLO-SCAPE is available in three sizes:  200-pound, 500-pound and 1,000-pound stones. Other sizes are available by special request.


  • Beautiful color range
  • Consistent rectangular shape
  • Delivered in bulk
  • Dense, hard rock for durability
  • Long-lasting reserves
  • Very few unusable pieces

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Technical Specifications


DOLO-SCAPE® is delivered with tandem or tractor trailer dump trucks.  Sizes have been separated at the manufacturing facility but are delivered in bulk due to the sheer size of the stones. 

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH: 276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell: 276-701-5173