Asphalt Aggregates

High-quality aggregate for use in asphalt production

Asphalt Aggregates Overview

Dillon supplies high-quality aggregates for use in asphalt production. Because Dillon’s aggregates are dense and have a low absorption rate, they allow water and chemicals to perform their intended role in the mix instead of being consumed by the aggregates. Our aggregate has a natural tendency to fracture in cubical shapes, allowing higher than normal compressive strengths in concrete and improved placement in asphalt. Dillon’s aggregates are very clean and naturally low in silica making them ideal for batched products where harmful silica dust may be encountered.

Our asphalt aggregate are a key for well-graded asphalt mixes. Sizes conform to AASHTO, ASTM, and DOT requirements for asphalt. Sizes available include #68s, #78s, #57s, #8s, #9s, and #10s.

Why Asphalt Aggregates?

  • Naturally low silica
  • Low absorption rate
  • Durable, resistant to wear
  • Washed for decreased minus No. 200 fines
  • Customizable gradations for specific design applications
  • Great particle size distribution

Technical Specifications

Shipping information

Shipped by tractor trailer or tandem style dump trucks.

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH: 276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell: 276-701-5173