Road Construction

High-quality crushed aggregates for use in road construction for long-lasting surfaces and roadways 

Road Construction Overview

Dillon provides many sizes of crushed aggregates for use in road construction. Our aggregates conform to the latest specifications described by AASHTO and ASTM for quality and size. Aggregates are crushed from our highly developed deposit in Swords Creek, Va., and feature a high density, cubical shape, and low absorption rate. Dillon’s sophisticated crushing and screening operations ensure consistent quality and gradations without contaminants such as dirt, clay or other foreign materials.

Dillon can customize sizes depending on requirements of specific projects. Our highly trained personnel and versatile crushing facility can modify sizes to meet job requirements. In addition, our crushed stone aggregates are dense and durable for long-lasting surfaces or roadways.

Why Road Construction? 

  • Naturally clean stone
  • Cubical shape for increased compaction
  • All sizes from rip rap to sand
  • Low absorption for increased durability
  • No dirt—all crushed stone
  • Consistent gradations
  • Consistent color
  • Well-graded
  • No contamination

Technical Specifications

Shipping information

Most crushed stone aggregates are delivered in bulk by tandem and tractor trailer dump trucks. Dillon uses some bottom drop trailers in certain situations.  

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH:  276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell:  276-701-5173