Customizable mine roof support system and mine-through applications for extremely high pressures

CRIBSTAC® Overview

CRIBSTAC is another product included in Dillon’s patented mine roof support family. High-strength CRIBSTAC has been NIOSH-tested to support up to 800 tons with a single column. They are used in roof support situations where extremely high pressures exist. They are constructed from rectangular fiber reinforced concrete cribs to form a square column. CRIBSTACs contain wooden lift handles and load transfer layers for even load distribution. They come preassembled from the factory. They are banded and wrapped for easy handling and transporting underground. Standard CRIBSTACs are 23.75 inches tall but can be customized for various height requirements. Multiple units are stacked together along with a wooden headboard and footboard to achieve desired height.


  • Tested by NIOSH
  • High support capacity
  • Multiple CRIBSTACs can be stacked to achieve desired height
  • Fully cuttable for mine-through applications
  • Offers moderate yet stable yield
  • Will not shrink, rot or rust
  • Easy to install with scoop or forklift
  • Wood headboard and footboard provides additional yield
  • Can absorb some lateral shift
  • Transported underground and have lift handles for moving and stacking with powered equipment


CRIBSTACs are preassembled at the factory.  They are shipped by flatbed truck in bundles of four per pallet.

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH: 276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell: 276-701-5173