Matte Series

Superior materials and mix designs for a tight texture and product that is a cut above  

Matte Series Overview

Dillon’s Matte Series Architectural Concrete Masonry Units differ from other smooth masonry units on the market because of their extremely tight textures, Easy Trowel Factory Finished Edges and color consistency. Our Matte Series’ superior materials and mix designs give our product its tight texture that is a cut above what is typically available. A large inventory of molds and specialized equipment provides the designer with a wide selection of shapes and sizes including our Majestic™ units. Our Matte Series units are available for custom orders in 16 standard colors, and we are always available to discuss custom colors as needed.

Why Matte Series?

  • Tightest texture on the market resembling cut stone
  • Color consistency
  • Integral water repellent admixture
  • Extremely tight tolerance on size
  • Palletized and securely wrapped for protection from the elements
  • Efflorescence-controlling admixtures included
  • Exceeds ASTM C-90 specifications

Example Colors

Other colors are available

Shipping information

This product can be shipped by the following methods:  

  • Tractor Trailer 

Architectural Block Sample Board Order Form

A sample board displaying Premier Line™ colors and textures!

Sample Board Order Form
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Sales Contacts

Teresa Newberry

Coordinator-Architectural Salesr
Office:  276-873-6816 Ext.133