Micon Blocks

Specially marked, high-strength concrete masonry units approved for Micon Seals

Micon Blocks Overview

Dillon produces specially marked, high-strength concrete masonry units approved for use in Micon Seals in underground mining. The Micon system was developed by Micon Group US and has been successfully tested at the former US Bureau of Mines Lake Lynn facility, at the request of the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). Micon seals are widely used in today’s coal industry for explosion resistant and bulkhead seals. Two concrete block walls are constructed and spaced according to height and rating requirements. A special polymer and gravel are then used to fill between the walls. The concrete block walls are coated to complete the seal. Dillon’s quality makes wall construction seamless and efficient.

Why Micon Blocks?

  • Available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch sizes
  • Tight texture for easy coating
  • Consistent heights for tighter seams
  • 1,800 psi compressive strength
  • Palletized and securely wrapped for easy handling
  • Specially colored stretch wrap for ease of identification


They are shipped by flatbed truck.

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH: 276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell: 276-701-5173

Mike Miller

General Sales Manager
PH: 276-873-6816 ext. 126
Cell: 276-971-4630