Split Series

Architectural Concrete Masonry Units that offer uniformity and a refined look 

Split Series Overview

Dillon’s Split Series Architectural Concrete Masonry Units differ significantly from what is generally available in the market. Our Split Series units “hold the plane,” a uniformity that gives your building a much more refined look. A large inventory of molds and specialized equipment provides the designer with a wide selection of shapes and sizes including our Majestic™ units. Our Split Series units are available for custom orders in 16 standard colors, and we are always available to discuss custom colors as needed.

Why Split Series?

  • Straightest splits on the market
  • Color consistency
  • Integral water repellent admixture
  • Extremely tight tolerance on size
  • Palletized and securely wrapped for protection from the elements
  • Efflorescence controlling admixtures included
  • Exceeds ASTM C-90 specifications

Example Colors

Other colors are available

Shipping information

This product can be shipped by the following methods:  

  • Tractor Trailer 

Architectural Block Sample Board Order Form

A sample board displaying Premier Line™ colors and textures!

Sample Board Order Form
Please use this box to let us know if you would like to see a particular color sample.

Sales Contacts

Teresa Newberry

Coordinator-Architectural Sales
Office:  276-873-6816 Ext.133
Email:  tnewberry@dillonrock.com