Patented interlocking block to improve safety and efficiency

MINE-SAFER® Overview

Dillon’s patented interlocking MINE-SAFER block for mine stoppings is a revolutionary design for improving efficiency and safety for coal mining. With 360 degrees of connection, the MINE-SAFER will withstand two to three times the lateral load resistance than that of conventional blocks. Stoppings can be constructed faster, taller, more efficiently and more airtight than with other blocks.

A straight floor or footer must first be achieved to create a good surface in which to stack. MINE-SAFER Blocks are then dry stacked from the footer to the roof. Molded one-third and one-half breaker marks allow easy splitting of smaller pieces for filling against the rib. Fill remaining voids with pumpable foam or non-combustible material. Then, use cementitious slurry to seal all cracks and voids completing the stopping.

Independent lab and NIOSH testing prove the MINE-SAFER provides up to 90 tons of roof support while also creating a blast-resistant, airtight barrier. Save time and money with Dillon’s MINE-SAFER Block, all while maximizing air flow in your mine.


  • Special 2,500 psi concrete mix
  • Vertical alignment achieved every time maximizing compressible net area
  • Positive connection restricts air flow making a tighter seal
  • Increased lateral load resistance
  • Can build taller without supports
  • Smoother surface created requiring less coating to seal joints
  • Palletized and securely wrapped for protection and easy handling
  • Bi-directional for easy installation
  • Patented
  • Offer one-third and one-half breaker marks

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