Concrete / Ready Mix / Precast

High-quality aggregates for concrete and ready-mix manufacturing 

Concrete/Ready Mix/Precast Overview

Dillon supplies the highest-quality aggregates for concrete manufacturing. Dillon’s aggregates are very clean, well-graded, and durable providing superior strength for concrete. Cubically shaped particles allow for great workability. Predictable results are achieved, both in manufacturing and finishing, by using Dillon’s high-grade aggregates. Dillon’s aggregates are dense, allowing water to react with the chemical hydration process instead of being absorbed by the aggregates, which makes the concrete very strong. Our aggregates are batched into concrete mix at ready-mix and precast plants. Various sizes are available – from VDOT No. 57s to concrete sand.

Why Concrete/Ready Mix/Precast?

  • Low silica for less harmful respirable particles
  • Low silica for less wear on batching and finishing equipment
  • Low minus No. 200 fines for improved mixes
  • Cubical shape for superior strength
  • Low absorption allows more water for the cement
  • Washed for fewer fines and increased strength
  • No clay or deleterious materials included
  • Various sizes available

Technical Specifications

Shipping information

Bulk aggregates are delivered by tandem or tractor trailer dump trucks. 

Sales Contacts

Clay Smith

Inside Sales Manager
PH:  276-873-6816 ext. 139
Cell:  276-701-5173