Mineral solution for your water’s pH balance and purification

DOLO-TREAT® Overview

Dillon produces quality dolomite for water treatment applications such as containment ponds, water runoff areas, reservoirs for wildlife and water collection systems. It is used to purify water in areas where active run-off or water sources enter collection areas and settle in pools.

Dolomite minerals dissolve and provide natural minerals to water such as calcium, magnesium and carbonate and also increase the pH value of purified water. Dillon’s dolomite contains very low silica and is very high in magnesium content, making it perfect for water filtration.


  • All sizes available, from rip rap to 200 mesh
  • Available in bulk or bagged
  • Readily available

Technical Specifications


DOLO-TREAT can be delivered in bulk by dump truck and placed with equipment such as a mini-track hoe or skid steer. Small-sized aggregates and powders can be delivered in super sacks.

Sales Contacts

David Ross

Industrial/Agriculture Sales Manager
C: 276-608-3040 

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
P: 276-701-0015