Concrete / Ready Mix / Precast Manufacturing / DOLO-KRETE® 70 

Mineral additive specifically formulated for concrete mixes to increase compressive strength and workability.

DOLO-KRETE® 70 Overview

DOLO-KRETE 70 is a mineral added to ready mix and precast concrete to increase compressive strength, lower fly ash requirements and improve the quality of concrete. Concrete placement and finishing times are vastly improved. DOLO-KRETE® 70 is a dry, pulverized powder specifically formulated for use in concrete and grout. It can be used with fly ash to complement the mix, or completely replace fly ash in some cases. 


  • Readily available
  • Offers protection from ASR (Alkaline Silica Reaction)
  • Improves compressive strength
  • Better flowability of concrete
  • Quicker workability
  • More consistent color
  • Consistent gradations
  • Low absorption allowing better use of water in the mix
  • Better particle dispersion filling voids for an improved mix
  • Available in bulk, one-ton totes, or 50 pound bags


The product can be shipped by the following methods:  

  • Bulk pneumatic tanker  
  • Flatbed tractor trailer

Sales Contacts

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
P: 276-701-0015 

Donny Dye

EverLoc Sales Manager
P: 276-971-0965