Fertilizer Filler

Supplemental mineral product added during the fertilizer production process 

Fertilizer Filler Overview

Dillon produces very clean, granulated, oil-treated fertilizer filler for use in fertilizer production. Macro nutrients must be mixed with inactive ingredients such as granulated limestone to keep the fertilizer from drying out, clumping, or hardening. Dillon’s fertilizer filler aids in fertilizer distribution as well as offering another source of magnesium to encourage plant growth. Soil PH levels are improved as the filler dissolves.

Available as 5 x 14 filler (SGN 230-260) and mini-filler (SGN 175-200), which is perfectly sized to use on golf greens, providing nutrients to lawns without leaving particles on the surface. Dillon’s fertilizer filler is oil treated for dust suppression. Both can be mixed with macro nutrients or chemicals into fertilizers to provide most of the weight of fertilizers.

Why Fertilizer Filler?

  • Low silica
  • Well graded
  • Improves chemical properties of fertilizer
  • Readily available

Technical Specifications


Delivered by truck or rail in super sacks by flatbed tractor trailer.

Sales Contacts

David Ross

Industrial/Agriculture Sales Manager
E: davidr@dillonrock.com
C: 276-608-3040

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
E: sstclair@dillonrock.com
P: 276-701-0015