Reinforced Concrete Cribs

Roof support stronger than conventional concrete block for use in underground mining

Reinforced Concrete Cribs Overview

Dillon manufacturers reinforced concrete crib blocks for roof support in underground mining. Cribs are available in three sizes (4x8x24, 6x8x16, and 3×17 round donuts). All cribs have a minimum compressive strength rating of 6,000 pounds per square inch. They are stackable and easily customizable for any situation needing support. Usually, wood headers and footers are used to offer yield and to fill up spaces when there is not enough room to insert a complete unit.

Why Steel-Fiber Reinforced Concrete Cribs?

  • High support capacity
  • Fully cuttable for mine through applications
  • Will not shrink, rot or rust
  • Stronger than conventional concrete block
  • One load transfer disc supplied with every three round donuts


All reinforced concrete cribs are palletized and stretch wrapped for easy handling.

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