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High-quality dolomite that can be refined or used as-is in industrial settings

DOLO-FIL® 70 Overview

DOLO-FIL 70 is a highly refined dolomite used in many industries due to its ease of dispersion and consistency. It is a premium product for fillers and chemical carriers and is often used in pesticides, herbicides, paint applications and animal litter applications.

DOLO-FIL 70 is provided as a raw material that can be refined or used as-is in numerous industrial settings.

Why DOLO-FIL® 70?

  • Low silica content
  • Low absorption allowing better chemical dispersal
  • Safe application
  • Reduced danger from silica dust in finished product
  • Packaged products are stored in a dry warehouse until shipment

Technical Specifications


Delivered by bulk pneumatic tanker or in 1.5-ton supersacks and 50 pound bags by flatbed tractor trailer.

Sales Contacts

David Ross

Industrial/Agriculture Sales Manager
C: 276-608-3040 

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
P: 276-701-0015