Supplemental mineral product added to livestock food to keep cattle healthy

DOLO-GEST® Overview

DOLO-GEST is a magnesium and calcium supplement that can be mixed in cattle’s food stream to provide minerals needed to stay healthy during periods of high stress, during lactation and when appropriate minerals are not present in vegetation.

Dolo-Gest is a good source of minerals to promote digestion in cattle and prevent grass tetany, a highly fatal disease caused by a lack of magnesium in the bloodstream. Changes in diet cause magnesium levels to drop in cattle. Cold weather and long periods of snow can prevent cattle from foraging for appropriate minerals, and poor soil can also cause a lack of magnesium in the cow’s diet.

Mature cows with calves are especially susceptible to grass tetany due to magnesium lost by providing milk to their young. Calves rely on their mother’s milk for extended periods, sometimes up to a year, causing extreme stress on the mother. Calves especially need minerals during weaning when their diet changes drastically. Dolo-Gest can provide nutrients for both during lactation.


  • Provides supplemental minerals
  • Can be mixed with feed or provided as a free-standing mineral
  • Available in multiple sizes for various applications

Technical Specifications


Delivered by bulk pneumatic tanker or available as a powder or fine sand in 50-pound bags or super bags.

Sales Contacts

David Ross

Industrial/Agriculture Sales Manager
C: 276-608-3040

Steve St.Clair

Construction Materials Sales Manager
P: 276-701-0015