Polished Series Overview

The quality of Dillon’s architectural concrete masonry units is unsurpassed in the industry and our Polished Series is another beautiful example. The series offers an ultra-smooth, highly polished masonry unit with slightly less reflectivity than our Reflective Series but more refined than our Ground Series. It is an economical option to the top-level Reflective Series.

The Polished Series is installed as any other masonry unit with mortar.  However, much care must be taken to keep excess mortar from sticking to the face of the units.

Polished units are available in 14 standard colors and most standard masonry sizes. The Polished Series is customizable based on customer needs.  Multiple faces can be treated including ends, bottoms, tops or any edges. Custom angle cuts are also possible in  our state-of-the-art processing plant.

Why Polished Series? 

  • Produced in most popular masonry sizes
  • Conforming to ASTM C-90 specifications for Concrete Masonry Units
  • Produced in a variety of vibrant colors
  • Produced with Easy Trowel Factory Finished Edges
  • Can be polished on multiple faces
  • Integrally colored concrete
  • Highly customizable
  • Water repellant face treatment from the factory
  • Low voids
  • Highly durable

Technical Spec & Related Documents

Polished  Series Product Specifications

Polished Series Shapes and Sizes

Cleaning Procedures

Shipping Information

This product can be shipped by the following methods: Tractor Trailer

Sales Contacts

Teresa Newberry
Architectural Sales Manager
Office:  276-873-6816 Ext.133
Email:  tnewberry@dillonrock.com